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Pressure sensitive tapes and adhesives come in a variety of formulas and sizes to meet packaging requirements. Every application has its own unique set of properties with exacting specifications. If you’re looking for expertise, Associated Packaging has the knowledge base for a wide variety of applications from packaging to painting to surface finishing or refurbishing, and can consult with you on how to implement the best method and choice of product into your production process for maximum gain.

You can count on Associated Packaging to deliver the best solution and the best quality materials. For nearly 30 years, we have developed our expertise by investing time in manufacturing plants, learning the specific applications for each industry and then using this knowledge to create effective solutions for our customers.


Associated Packaging offers a comprehensive line of cloth and duct tapes for use in the HVAC, automotive, construction, nuclear, and entertainment industries.  These tapes come in a variety of grades and colors.  

Contractor Grade  Duct Tape

Utility Grade Duct Tape

Industrial Grade Duct Tape

HVAC Grade Duct Tape

Premium Grade Duct Tape

Vinyl coated and Cloth Gaffer’s Tape
Colored Cloth and Duct Tapes

Contact us.  Our packaging specialists will gladly help you choose the most cost effective, efficient tape for your application.

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