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Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap or pallet wrap, is one of the most popular unitization methods in today’s marketplace for securing boxes or bags of any product to a pallet for safe shipment. Stretch film provides an excellent alternative to strapping, corrugated materials, poly bags and similar unitizing methods.  It can also be used for unitizing unusual sized, non-palletized goods such as building materials, carpet, rolled goods, steel beams, piping or wood products, giving customers the same benefits of product protection, maximum unitization and minimum packaging cost per load.  Virtually, any product can be stretch wrapped given the right equipment. 

Stretch films may be applied by hand or machine and can be used for a multitude of applications. Hand stretch films are lighter and shorter than machine rolls allowing ease of use for the user. Machine films are the preferred method in high volume accounts where speed and consistency of wrapping are needed.

The overall benefits of using stretch film for unitization, whether done by hand or by machine, are relatively the same.  However for operations wrapping more than 20 pallet loads each day, improved efficiencies and savings can be achieved by using semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrapping equipment.

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Strong knitted netting provides excellent load stability
Allows for even ventilation so middle of load can maintain the same temperature as the outside of the load
 Ideal for food industry and applications that require air flow
Available in polypropylene net or knitted high density polyethylene
Hand & machine grades available

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