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Shrink wrap is one of the most versatile and inexpensive types of packaging available for a multitude of

applications. It is crystal clear and can be custom printed if the application requires. The sparkle and clarity of the film gives the product attractive retail appeal. In addition, some types of shrink wrap are FDA approved for direct food contact. 
The shrink wrapping process involves enclosing a product in shrink film or a shrink bag. The film or bag is formed around the product using a sealer. Then, the product is heated by hand-held or automated equipment so that the shrink film or shrink bag shrinks around it to create a tight, sealed package. The uses for this process touch every segment of the industrial and commercial marketplace.

The benefits of shrink wrapping are many from display packaging to unitization of multi-packs, shrink films provide product integrity, visibility, brand identification, package cleanliness and protection.  

Whether your application requires 10 or 200 packages per minute to run, Associated Packaging can provide the right system or material to efficiently package your product.

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Clysar ShrinkBox™ film is superior when toughness, puncture resistance and abrasion resistance are required in a clear film. ShrinkBox film has excellent seals and high shrink force to keep your products safe and tightly wrapped. It is also designed for retail applications where improved package appearance is desired to show off your product. ShrinkBox film saves the cost of corrugated materials and their dedicated storage areas.

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