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Optiledge System Details Below

It's simple logic...

Why fit your product to a shipping platform, when you can fit your shipping platform to your product?

To generate dramatic savings throughout the supply chain you require a solution that precisely fits your needs.

The logical choice is the OptiLedge System

For years, people in the transportation and distribution businesses have been trying to force-fit loads onto a standard-sized load platform. When the more logical, effective and economical method is to do the opposite - make the load carrier conform to the size and shape of the goods you're shipping.

The revolutionary, very lean, one-way OptiLedge System makes use of a lightweight, L-shaped unit load transport device - The OptiLedge - an alternative base for unit loads that is integral to the packaged product during its storage and distribution.

We are proud to offer the revolutionary OptiLedge System to customers interested in saving money by reducing their unit load costs. This plastic "ledge" technology enables product manufacturers the opportunity to replace conventional wood pallets with a new lower cost shipping platform. The OptiLedge System allows manufacturers, distributors and retailers to improve their supply chain efficiencies by reducing costs and improving cube utilization while eliminating the headaches associated with wooden pallet disposal or pallet return programs.

Benefits of the Optiledge System


HP85 High Profile Optiledge

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