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Corrugated board (fiber board) is an extremely durable, versatile, economical and lightweight material used for custom-manufactured shipping containers, packaging and point-of-purchase displays.

Corrugated is generally made up of three pieces of paper called containerboard bonded together with adhesive.  Its construction consists of two smooth sheets called linerboard and a middle layer of paper which is called the medium or fluting.  The middle layer of paper being fluted is what gives the product its strength.  There are many Types of corrugated board construction available, each with different flute sizes and thicknesses.

Corrugated is an ideal packaging material because it is:

  Durable   Customizable
  Versatile   Protective
  Lightweight   Graphically Appealing
  Recyclable   Cost-Effective

Associated Packaging offers full-service capabilities in corrugated packaging from standard boxes to the design and graphics support of innovative designs and point of purchase packaging that will make your products stand out in the marketplace.

We don't simply sell corrugated packaging, but work in partnership with our customers to make sure style, design, ease of use, and quality of the end product is as required and that pricing levels are competitive!

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At Associated Packaging, we specialize in innovative Point-of-Purchase Displays and products which will enhance your brand identity and promote sales.  We have developed a clear understanding of a wide range of industries and channels of distribution, so whether you desire a basic counter display or an integrated floor display, we’ll work with you to develop turnkey solutions that will provide you a cost-effective solution that will command customer attention, generate sales, and put your brand in the spotlight.

End caps,
Side kicks
Pallet packs
Floor displays
  Counter displays
Greeting card displays
Retail display bins
Corrugated pallet displays
CD and DVD display stands
Literature and brochure displays  

Contact us.  Our packaging specialists will gladly help you choose the right corrugated packaging solution for your product requirements.

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