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Carded packaging which includes such processes as skin and blister packaging, clamshell packaging and Stretch Pak is a cost-effective way to offer a high level of security, visibility and marketability to small consumer & industrial products.

Skin Packaging refers to the process of applying plastic film to affix product to substrate of paperboard or corrugated sheet through the use of heat and vacuum.  Blister packaging involves applying pre-formed rigid plastic film to affix product to a paperboard substrate or to encapsulate product in a clamshell style unit.  Stretch Pak allows the product to be viewed in a 360-degree visibility format while being held securely in place with crystal clear DuPont Surlyn flexible film.

Whether you need tamper-resistant packaging such as clamshells, blister packs, inserts and trays, printed cards or other types of custom thermoformed packaging, Associated Packaging can solve your most complicated carded packaging needs by offering you a variety of  machinery, standard and custom packaging styles and materials, as well as turnkey services such as  professional design, construction, and printing services.

Associated Packaging supplies skin systems (sealing machines and die cutters) in manual and fully automated modes along with Dupont Surlyn and polyethylene skin films and blister systems (sealer equipped with resistance, induction, RF or ultrasonic type seals) in manual and fully automated modes.  We also supply the blisters and clamshells as well as paperboard (printed or unprinted) substrate and printed insert cards for product identification.


Skin packaging is extremely versatile because one piece of plastic can be drawn down around almost any shape, size or weight product. The plastic protects the product and the card backing from wear and tear. And since the product is immobilized, it cannot shift and multi-component products will not lose any of its pieces.

The film is one of the most important components of the skin packaging process. It is the film that holds the product on the board. The film also reinforces the board and provides a glossy surface for enhancing graphics.

Dupont Surlyn film is the film of choice in approximately 90% of the carded display skin packaging business in North America because of its clarity, high gloss, puncture resistance, versatility, adhesion and shorter cycle time.

Contact us.  Our packaging specialists will gladly help you choose the right carded packaging solution for your product requirements.

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