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Induction cap sealing process is the most cost-efficient and effective way to protect the quality and integrity of your product. The induction cap sealing process bonds a foil disk or "cap seal" to a container using induction current without direct contact. The induction sealing process involves an induction current being applied to a metal liner in a plastic cap. The bottle is first filled and then the cap is applied. The cap already has the liner inside. The liner contains the sealing material adhered to a foil layer. The induction current heats the foil liner melting the sealant. The pressure of the threaded cap upon the bottle provides the required pressure. As the sealing layer cools it adheres to the bottle.

This process provide air tight tamper proof seals on a wide range of products from food packages, drugs, beverages, solvents to chemicals. With a Cap Seal in place product leakage is prevented from almost any style of container.

Cap styles that work with induction sealers include:
n Standard flat CT
n CR's
n Push-pull
n Dispensing
n Yorker
n Spouted
n Flip-top
n Hinged topped just to name a few.

Associated Packaging’s experience and capabilities in application assessment for Induction Sealing will allow us to develop wide-ranging custom solutions for virtually any application you may have.

Benefits of Induction Cap Sealing

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