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Bag filling and sealing machine systems, also known as Vertical Form-Fill-Seal, cover a wide range of packaging needs from simple tabletop models to custom-built, fully integrated packaging systems.

In vertical bagging, the basic package is formed by wrapping film around a forming shoulder or by using pre-formed bags, then sealing the package. Bag Design varies from gusseted block bottom to square bottom, pillow bag, to pre-formed bags on a roll.

Vertical bagging equipment can be run in either a continuous or intermittent mode. On continuous motion machines the seals are made when the film is in motion. Continuous motion machines operate at the highest attainable speeds.

Intermittent motion machine bag seals are made when the film is stationary. Intermittent motion machines offer a consistent solution for applications where speed may not be a priority in the application.

Vertical packaging machinery can also be equipped with weight scales to measure the amount of product dispensed into each package. The wide range of configurations available on vertical packaging machinery is one of its strengths.

Associated Packaging considers ourselves to be specialists in providing vertical packaging systems and materials for a wide range of product types, from food products, to granules, powders, fluids or solids, to retail and industrial items. Whether you're looking to purchase, lease or rent a machine or upgrade existing equipment, we can help you choose the right system and material for your application.

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Flexi Sealer

The SBS-Thurne Flexi Sealer is a highly efficient PLC controlled high-speed bag sealer for the automatic application of adhesive tape to a range of plastic and paper bags. This seal is globally recognised by the food industry as the most cost effective method of sealing bags.

The Thermal printer options available enable the seal to be printed with unique and standard formats such as best before, sell by dates, traceability codes, etc. With up to 150 Programme memories product information can be changed quickly at the touch of a button.

The Flexi Sealer has a unique ability to both electronically raise and lower in order to maintain a correct product centre line, the addition of the product width adjustable system for both narrow and wide products ensures that customer’s variety of different sized products are consistently sealed with a high presentation finish.

The Flexi Sealer is non-mechanically interlocked to the host conveyor reducing excessive wear on the bagger conveyor and reducing power consumption. The energy efficiency is further enhanced by a sleep mode function that automatically powers down when periods of product are not available and automatically resets when products become available at the bagger.

The Flexi Sealer can be used for both food and nonfood applications. From fresh to frozen, from bread to fruit to sausages to pizza’s, the Flexi Sealer minimizes downtime and maximizes production and cost efficiencies.

Features & Benefits:

Safe and secure sealing of plastic and paper bags
Production information printed clearlyon the re-useable seal
Product can be passed through a metal detector after sealing
Up to 50,000 seals between reel changes for long production runs
Paperless tape (Easyseal) option can operate in damp environments
Full detection systems, Tape Run Out, Foil Run Out, No Bag Detection, etc.
Model Description Speed  
Flexi High Speed Bag Sealer Up To 95 bags per minute

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